Johnson Resources is a Charlotte, North Carolina regional service firm specializing in individual, small firm and institutional planning and information technology.
Johnson Resources specializes in on-site personalized services. No task is too small and no problem too trivial. We stress education and training, enhancing long term solutions.
Consulting Services
Experienced and focused in religious and not-for-profit organizations and institutions: Long Range Planning, Governance, Personnel Policy, Risk Management, Site Development, and Information Services
Computer Services
Home and Office PC's, Office Servers, Application Development, Evaluation and Instruction, Upgrade and Replacement Computers
Networking Services
Home and Office Networks, Wired Networks, Hubs, Routers and Switches, Wireless Networks, Access Points, Routers and Bridges
Communication Services
Single and Multi-line Phones, PBX, Fax, and Voice over IP
Custom Services
Access Database Development, Small Business Server 2003, and Office Suite Development