Johnson Resources

Five Core Principles

  1. Do No Harm
    This principle is related to "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and "if it is enhancing your productivity, don't replace it." Too often, consultants recommend every upgrade and newest everything without regard to that recommendation's ROI (return on investment). We will always have the most current information and knowledge possible but will only bring such information to a recommendation if we can clearly justify its need in your setting or business.
  2. Penny Wise
    The most expensive solution is sometimes the best solution -- long term. Hardware that costs ten percent more but has a MTBF (mean time before failure) fifty percent greater may provide significant savings when amortized over five years. Relying on companies and products with a proven track record of performance and service is a sound operating principle.
  3. Loss Is Expensive
    In the world of computers, it is called backup. In the world of management, it is called risk assessment. Planning for and anticipating possible loss can minimize its impact and reduce the costs. We stress long range planning in everything we do.
  4. Have Integrity
    We will always present recommendations in which we truly believe. Johnson Resources does not take commissions nor participates in sales promotions that are not beneficial to our clients. We are compensated for our time, research and experience only.
  5. Listen Well and Be Brave
    Your know your situation and experience best. We pledge to hear your goals and expectations and to clarify them early and often. We will then be equally direct and clear with what our research and experience convinces us is best for arriving at those goals and expectations -- even if those recommendations are difficult or challenging.